Backing up and moving a WordPress website

You’ve got your website up and running great with WordPress, but do you have a backup?

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Upgrade your HD to SSD

If your old Mac desktop or laptop is still using a spinning hard disk, now is the time to upgrade it to a SSD (solid state drive). They’re faster, more reliable, quieter, last longer and use less energy. Learn more here: Mac 101: The Top Fice Reasons You Need To Switch To SSD

Do you have a site backup?

Are you actively backing up your website? All it takes is one bad software update or some malicious script kiddy to take down your site. If you have a backup it’s not such a big deal, but if you don’t… ouch!

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Kerio Connect blocks a virus

Kerio Connect removes virus infected email attachment.

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BackBlaze B2 Backup

WebCentrix, Inc. can help your business transition to cloud backup. Learn more here:

Lasso 8.6.3 on macOS High Sierra

This is a repost of an earlier tech tip: [I] Have some legacy sites (Lasso 8.5.6 on MacOS 10.5.8) that I need to keep running so I’m diving in with a High Sierra install with MAMP Pro.  First you have to turn off SIP (System Integrity Protection). Failure to turn it off will block the…

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