Still using a or email address for your business? Extend your business branding with your own domain name for as little as $12 per year. Further protect your website with an SSL server certificate that will encrypt all communications. WebCentrix can help you register your own domain name and configure SSL server certificates to protect your important business information.

Domain Name Registrations

WebCentrix, Inc. is a reseller for GoDaddy/Wild West Domains. You can register new domain names as well as transfer your existing domain names. If you are tired of paying $35 to Network Solutions, why not switch to WebCentrix, Inc./Wild West Domains for $11.95 (.com domains, others TLDs may be less!!).

SSL Server Certificates

Today’s browsers do their best to protect your information. Any website that asks for a username or password will get flagged in Google Chrome as “Not Secure” if isn’t encrypted with a secure server certificate (SSL Certificate). If your website will be collecting sensitive information including credit card numbers, you’ll need to get one and make sure its installed correctly.