Lasso 8.6.3 on macOS High Sierra

This is a repost of an earlier tech tip:

[I] Have some legacy sites (Lasso 8.5.6 on MacOS 10.5.8) that I need to keep running so I’m diving in with a High Sierra install with MAMP Pro. 

First you have to turn off SIP (System Integrity Protection). Failure to turn it off will block the Lasso installer from completing. 

Reboot in Recovery mode (start up holding Command-R). Open Terminal app and use this command: 

     csrutil enable -without fs 

This leaves SIP enabled except for File System protection. 

Reboot the server. 

Now run the Lasso 8.6.3 installer. It will create and install the Lasso Apache connector in /usr/local/libexec 

MAMP Pro uses Apache 2.2, so you can use the connector from the 8.6.3 installer and just move/copy it to the MAMP Apache modules folder. 


MAMP Pro Apache modules are here: 

Then append the httpd.conf file in MAMP Pro. Select File > Edit Template > Apache > httpd.conf and paste this at the bottom: 

LoadModule lasso8_module /Applications/MAMP/Library/modules/
<Location ~ "^.*\.[Ll][Aa][Ss][Ss][Oo]$"> 
SetHandler lasso8-handler 
<Location ~ "^.*\.[Ll][Aa][Ss][Ss][Oo][Aa][Pp][Pp]$"> 
SetHandler lasso8-handler 

Note the lasso8_module path is adjusted for the MAMP modules location. 

Tested with two non-database Lasso sites and it works great!