Site Relaunch

Today we’re launching a new website using WordPress. We previously were managing our website with a home grown content management system that was actually developed almost 20 years ago. (we’ll talk about our own system at length in a future post). Continuing to develop our own system just didn’t seem like the best way to spend our time. WordPress has been refined over its lifetime and supports a vast number of themes and plugins that enhance it capabilities.

The modular nature of the software means a site that is lean with few features can be deployed quickly. But even more complicated sites can be constructed in a few hours as the multitude of plugins means there are at least several performing the same functions to choose from. A quick comparison of two plugins can take place within minutes. Pick the one that works best for your situation and you’re good to go.

The new Gutenberg block editor means even non-programmers can add and maintain content on your website. Adding a new page or post can be as simple as copying and pasting from a Microsoft Word document. It’s really that easy.

So if your site is a bit stale and cumbersome to keep up to date, you might consider converting it to WordPress. We certainly can help! 😉